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opened up on us with a rain of bullets and arrows.
I saw an arrow coming straight for rny brother,
who lay beside me, but just when my mouth
opened to warn him the arrow sank into his back.

'Our fire from this unexpected coulee so bewil-
dered the Bloods that they retreated to the south-
west* They expected us to follow them and kill
them all off. But the Assiniboines had accom-
plished what they wanted. We had saved our
lives and upheld our honour,

'When the Bloods had retreated over the shoul-
der of the coulee all of our Assiniboine braves
rushed out to touch the one Blood who had been
killed, so that they could get first, second, and
third honours. Then we took our Assiniboine
who had been killed and gave him a warrior's
funeral and buried him there on the spot. We
dug a round hole in the ground and sat him
down In this hole facing the rising sun, according
to the custom of the Assiniboines.

ŁOur scores were even. We had "taken5* one
Blood, and the Bloods had c'taken" one Assini-
boine/ said the chief, again looking meditatively
at the scalp In the centre of his stick. Then In
measured words, he continued: 'And here Is the
scalp I took from your people. We are friends
now, and I will give it back to you, that you may
take good care of It until you get home, and then
give It a warrior's burial.